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The limited edition Club charm for 2016 is out tomorrow! It is a particularly lovely design this year, with beaded openwork detailing and lots of little hearts. It, of course, has the usual diamond on one side and the year engraved on the other. It also comes with a cute box, although I am not sure which regions will be receiving this. North America and some European regions will definitely be getting it; apparently the UK will not. I do not really get why Pandora UK never opt into any of the pandora ohrringe fun packaging for special releases; it really does make each limited edition charm feel that much more exciting!
I did not really have much intention originally of getting this bracelet as, while I enjoy Disney films and have a great nostalgia for a lot pandora ohrringe perle of the characters I loved as a child, I am not as much as a fan as to build a whole Pandora Disney dedicated bracelet. While Disney designs are beyond cute, they do not really tally with my personal style. However, a couple of readers mentioned how gorgeous it is in person and my interest was piqued and I decided to upgrade and get it during the March bracelet promo! I am very glad I did, as the overall effect is lovely and surprisingly subtle. The little hints of sparkle are pretty, without being overwhelming. I am not going to be doing a whole Disney dedicated design, although there will be hints of Disney character beads on there.
First of all, I have opted for a mini forest theme, with fresh, bright colours and some delicate butterfly and flower openworks to set off the Pandora pandora charms Forest Fairy as a centrepiece. The Pandora Flowers for You muranos are retired, and I suppose a little dated in their simplicity, but I still love them! The purple version is particularly beautiful. Next up, we have another forest idea, which makes use of some more recent Pandora pieces. This is how I will be wearing my fairy: on my actual Rosebracelet design, with the Wildflowers murano as a focal point. I am thinking of replacing the pearl bell charm with the new Pandora Majestic Swan charm; I also want to add the gorgeous RoseSparkling Butterfly next to the fairy.
Now, I have had a lot of questions about this bracelets compatibility with Pandora safety chains and this was one of the first things I road tested. In actual fact, screw on safety chains just slide right over the end thread and right off the bracelet, and I have no idea why Pandora have featured them in their campaign images like that, as screw on safety chains on their own will be useless with this bracelet. If you want to use a screw on Pandora safety chain, you will need to add a clip between the end of the bracelet and pandora charms günstig the safety chain like this. Or to use a clip on safety chain one of these two designs. Now, the idea with the threadless bracelet is that you get a couple or more of the new silicone lined clips to go with the bracelet to space out your charms. It is effectively a scaled up Pandora Essence bracelet in design, and these new silicone clips work exactly like Essence charms, and stay in place on the bracelet chain wherever you put them. I will go into more detail on the clips themselves in the second part of my review later this week.
One thing I like about this pendant is that there are no cubic zirconia on the bail! This is one of my least preferred ways that Pandora add CZs to charms, and I much prefer it when they are integrated into the design. The little sparkling daisy looks really sweet and not at all blingy when contrasted with the white daisy and pink cherry blossom. For my stylings today, Iam going to show you two classic Pandora designs I have been working on for the past year or so. As Iam sure you have all noticed, Pandora has been retiring a lot of their old character designs over the past year or so; I have been snaffling up the ones pandora ringe I love best whenever they crop up on Rue La La or on sale here in the UK.

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